"Pictures that connect people"

I am a Photography Artist based in Israel. Specialize in Personal photography and in Landscape Photography. It is in between imaginary-to-realistic capturing of a self-moment.

Since I was 12 I am documenting the life events' of my family and friends. It all started when my father passed me his old "Olympus pen" on our first trip abroad. He told me: "Always consider yourself as a pioneer when you are photographing; keep noting yourself about a photograph you make."

The hypnotic hobby becomes a life assignment after a BA in Visual Arts (2011).

In my studies I started in Still-Life photography, amazed by the level of details and light capturing accuracy of my Pentax 645 medium format camera. I was diving deep into analog print and created an archive of "One-of-a-kind" prints I made from my first years.

Moving to the crowded city center, I started practicing Street photography and was awarded "Street photography of the year" by "Yakar" Gallery.

Noticing my pictures connect people, on the street and in the social network, I opened a blog during that year and started focusing on Portrait photography: offering fashionable people in the street to have a unique photo of themselves. This was exhibited in my final year exhibition and was published in Peopleil.org.

For the following years, I have been exploring "the personal" point of view in photography: which was my new family. Every father has a story to tell about the birth of his child. Every story is unique. Nevertheless, we all share visual moments that are unforgettable.

Also, simultaneous to my daughter's growth, I delivered "a portrait" view of my country, leading to an ongoing exhibition called: "Sacred Land".

From my personal perspective about my daughter's growth, I had been photographing children in their first years. It is a very sensitive work and I'm amazed how such small children react good to a Photographer's instructions, exposing their emotions.

Also, while keep photographing local landscapes in my country, I discovered how sensitive can be the influence of man on nature. How the delicate beauty of national parks, archeological sites & costs are being damaged by highways & fences. Our country is small: the private and the public areas are mixed together, filled with too much fences and less consideration by men for each other nor to nature surrounding  us.

I Prefer to photograph outside, on my local sites or on the client's location & also to explore nature. Internet App. Addict. Love cats. Voting for a healthier environment.

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